Transfer Center

Transfer a Patient to BIDMC

At the Beth Israel Deaconess Transfer Center, specially trained registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to coordinate acute inter-facility transfers.



  • For ED to ED transfers, press 1.
  • For inpatient to inpatient transfers and direct admits from a physician's office or clinic, press 2.
Cardiology (CVI) Transfers

617-CAR-DIAC (617-227-3422)

Psychiatry Admissions


Transfer Process

When calling the Transfer Center, the following information will be requested:

  • Referring hospital name and phone
  • Referring physician name and contact numbers
  • Patient name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested
  • Clinical status of the patient
  • BIDMC attending physician or designee will determine the patient's transfer status.
  • The patient's transfer plan will be determined at the conclusion of the three-way call between the referring and BIDMC providers, and the Transfer Center nurse.
  • The Transfer Center nurse will facilitate all components of the patient's urgent/emergent admission process.
  • Regular updates will be provided by the Transfer Center nurse at pre-designated intervals and upon request.
Boston MedFlight

To arrange for helicopter transport to the Beth Israel Deaconess emergency department, Boston MedFlight can be reached at 800-233-8998.