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Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Treatment

Sarcoma Tumor ImagingOur Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas Program is internationally recognized for its team of experts, advanced treatment options, and personalized care. A sarcoma can be any malignant (cancerous) tumor of bone or soft tissue. Tumors can grow in any bone in the body, or in the soft "connective" tissue that surrounds, supports or links organs and structures (such as muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves). Soft tissue sarcomas are most typical in arms and legs, although they, too, can develop anywhere in the body.

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Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Sarcomas are divided into two main groups – bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas. Learn about different types of bone and soft tissue sarcomas.

Sarcoma Clinical Trials

Our sarcoma clinical trials provide patients access to new, potentially more effective treatment options before they become more widely available.

Cancer Support Services

Our Cancer Center offers a wide range of services to support cancer patients and their families during and after cancer treatment.

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