What to Expect During Sarcoma Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with, or your doctor suspects, bone or soft tissue sarcoma, what can you expect at BIDMC? We work together with your referring physician to provide initial diagnosis and treatment, second opinions and/or long-term surveillance (follow-up care). We believe in open communication, personal attention and shared decision-making. We offer: 

  • State-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment, including clinical trials
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment that gathers a team of experienced and compassionate physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals working on your behalf
  • Patient-focused and customized care, to respect your personal preferences and wishes

Our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals at BIDMC will help you learn about:

  • Your cancer diagnosis, the tests you will have, and any necessary preparations
  • The procedure or operation you will need
  • Your recovery period, medications, returning home and much more

You can think about your care for sarcoma at BIDMC in terms of six general categories: your initial visit, diagnosis, staging, multidisciplinary conference, treatment and surveillance.

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