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Using Biologic Therapy to Treat Cancer

Biologic Therapy Research for Cancer Treatment

Our Biologic Therapy Program is internationally recognized for contributions to the biologic treatment of cancer using cytokines (IL-2,1 FN), targeted immunotherapy (CTLA4 and PD1 antibodies), vaccines and other novel agents. Our Biologic Therapy Program specialists, including Drs. David McDermott, James Mier and Rupal Bhatt, investigate and use biologic agents, such as cytokines and vaccines, to treat patients with advanced melanoma and kidney cancer.

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Biologic Therapy Clinical Trials

Our program conducts pivotal clinical trials that have led to FDA approval for therapies for metastatic kidney cancer and melanoma (skin cancer). 

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To help you prepare for your first visit to our Cancer Center's Biologic Therapy Clinic, read these FAQs on what to expect. 

Biologic Therapy Research

We specialize in kidney cancer research, working to find better methods of early detection and treatment for renal cell carcinoma.

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