About Our Rectal Cancer Program

At the Rectal Cancer Program, we understand that a diagnosis of cancer is frightening and that you and those close to you have many questions and concerns. Be assured that we appreciate how difficult this is, and are here for you every step of the way.

Even before you come for your first appointment, which is always scheduled within two weeks of your first phone call, we are working to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for you. This preliminary plan reflects the combined expertise of our experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists.

Our goal is simple: To provide you with compassionate, seamless care; treatment that offers the best chance of a cure, often without the need for a permanent colostomy; and the resources and support to help you and those close to you cope with your disease and move on with your lives.

Joshua Sager's life was literally up in the air when a diagnosis of late-stage rectal cancer put the brakes on his career as a navy pilot. Then he was referred to the Rectal Cancer Program at BIDMC. Watch his story.

In addition to our highly specialized clinical expertise, we also conduct clinical and outcomes research and collaborate with basic scientists. The goal of our research is to help improve the treatment and care of all patients with colon and rectal diseases. We are also committed to training tomorrow's surgical leaders, and participate in the education of surgical trainees.

Today, thanks to many advances in treatment - including the latest minimally invasive techniques that we are proud to offer here - patients with rectal cancer have an excellent chance of being cured and living long, productive lives. We hope you will keep that in mind as you explore our website to learn about the excellent care providers, many services, and unique strengths of the Rectal Cancer Program at BIDMC.

We encourage you to email us if you have questions, want more information, or would like to make an appointment.