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World-Class Prostate Cancer Treatment

Wagner and Patient 460Our Prostate Cancer Program provides a multidisciplinary approach to prostate cancer care. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and need a consultation, or if you would like a second opinion, physicians from different disciplines meet you in one-stop clinics and regularly review every facet of your care. We encourage a non-surgical “active surveillance” approach to early-stage prostate cancer. Our staff will support you and your loved ones as you make choices based on your own priorities.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate growths can be benign or cancerous. Unfortunately, there are no early warning signs for prostate cancer, so screening can be key to detection.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Prostate cancer treatment will vary depending on the stage of the disease and other personal factors. Learn about the range of treatment options.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Our prostate cancer trials provide patients access to new, potentially more effective treatment options before they become more widely available.

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