About Prostate Cancer Care

Many elements distinguish our program from others in the Boston area.

  • We are Boston’s foremost center of robotic surgery for prostate cancer, with two fellowship-trained surgeons who have performed more than 1,700 minimally invasive procedures. The BIDMC Cancer Center is a national leader in this approach. We are the only New England institution that offers a training course to other urologic surgeons in robotic prostate cancer surgery.

  • We are the only Boston hospital to offer CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for prostate cancer care. Despite the name, SRS is not surgery. It is highly precise, advanced radiation therapy that drastically reduces the number of treatments with results that are equal to or better than conventional radiation.

  • We track our treatment outcomes for every patient, and we are happy to share this information with you. We believe you deserve straightforward information about success rates at BIDMC and the impact treatment could have on your quality of life.

  • We offer certain clinical trials that are only available here. For example, we are the only New England program participating in the national Prostate Active Surveillance Study (PASS). Our doctors have been pioneers in offering active surveillance, an approach in which many patients safely defer treatment and its side effects while being carefully monitored for advancement of the disease.

  • We very actively help patients find clinical trials when appropriate. We provide access to all Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center trials and many more.

  • We remain engaged in your care in the aftermath of treatment, addressing ongoing side effects of treatment with services such as urinary and sexual rehabilitation.

Peter Chang, MD, Urologic Oncology, Director 
Glenn Bubley, MD, Medical Oncology, Co-Director 
Irving Kaplan, MD, Radiation Oncology, Co-Director