Collaborating with the IBD Team

The physicians in BIDMC's Center for Inflammatory Disease welcome your referrals. Our expert team is happy to see your patient for a one-time second opinion. Or, if you feel it would be best for your patient, we can also manage or co-manage your patient to help them achieve and maintain a normal lifestyle by mitigating their symptoms using the best personalized treatment options.

Referring a Patient

Whether your patient with IBD is seeking a one-time second opinion, or you are interested in co-managing these complicated conditions, or wish for us to become your patient's primary gastroenterologist, we can tailor our practice model to meet your care preferences.

  • Call 617-754-8888 to refer
  • Urgent visits and routine visits available

Ongoing Communication

We recognize the importance of open and ongoing communication, and make it a point to be easily accessible. We are committed to sharing test results, diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and other pertinent information with you and your patients as quickly as possible.

Our Team Approach

In addition to collaborating with you, our world renowned gastroenterologists work with a multidisciplinary team of experts to diagnose and prescribe the most effective course of treatment. As a world-class medical center, we have a strong network of in-house colleagues and collaborators such as:

  • Colorectal surgeons specializing in minimally invasive approaches to treating IBD
  • Endoscopy specialists offering advanced techniques to diagnose, monitor and treat IBD
  • Radiologists and pathologists expert in diagnosing and monitoring for dysplasia
  • Dermatologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating IBD-related skin disorders
  • Rheumatologist to care for patients affected by IBD-related joint issues
  • Hepatologists specializing in liver diseases that can affect patients with IBD
  • Pharmacists to support medication management and prescription compliance
  • Nurses who specialize in IBD, as well as infusion services, and tailored care for patients with ostomies
  • Nutritionists to assess overall nutrition and manage nutrition delivered intravenously
  • Behavioral health professionals

World-Leading Research

Our IBD researchers are working to change the standard of IBD care internationally:

Proactive Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Pioneering improved medical management techniques to optimize IBD treatment, Dr. Cheifetz’s team was the first to demonstrate that proactive monitoring of infliximab concentrations and dosing to a therapeutic window improves outcomes when compared to standard of care. This paradigm-shifting work is internationally recognized and has been shown not only to improve the effectiveness of IBD medications, but to reduce the need for IBD-related hospitalizations and surgeries, and reduce negative reactions to infusion medications.

Pregnancy and Infertility

Dr. Cheifetz's team, in a collaborative effort, was the first to show that in vitro fertilization (IVF) was as successful in women with ulcerative colitis and ileal pouch anal anastomosis when compared to ulcerative colitis and the general infertile population. In addition, his research was the first to demonstrate that IVF was as successful in patients with IBD as in women from the general infertility population.

Reducing the Need for Surgery

Research conducted by the BIDMC team, under the leadership of Adam Cheifetz, MD, has demonstrated effective alternatives to surgery to treat Crohn's disease in some patients. His team's research showed that, contrary to popular belief, anti-TNF can be safely and effectively used in select Crohn's patients with intraabdominal phlegmons and abscesses. Based on this study and the studies that followed, this approach is now widely practiced internationally whereas previously surgery was standard of care.