Diagnostic and Screening Mammograms

Mammogram at BIDMCMammograms, a set of breast images taken with low dose X-rays, are effective routine screening tests that have been proven to find breast cancer early, when it is much more treatable.

For women with an average risk of developing breast cancer, a mammogram is the best breast cancer screening test available.

Our comfortable Breast Imaging facility at BIDMC offers state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment, which includes software to point out areas on the images that might be of concern.

We also offer 3-D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis) to our patients in Boston and Chestnut Hill.

Our radiologists are fellowship-trained in breast imaging and/or have more than 20 years of experience reading mammograms.

Types of Mammograms

A routine screening mammogram is taken on a regular basis, usually annually, to screen for changes in the breast. Several images of each breast are taken, from the top facing down and from the side.

A diagnostic mammogram is taken when an area of concern has been found in the breast. Though similar to a screening mammogram, diagnostic imaging usually includes more images and additional manipulating of the breast tissue in order to examine the concerned area more closely.

Where to Get a Mammogram

We offer both screening and diagnostic mammograms at several convenient locations. All locations use advanced mammography equipment, and all mammograms are read and interpreted by the same highly-trained team of radiologists at BIDMC’s BreastCare Center.

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