About Our CT Scan Services

Computed Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic tool that combines x-rays with state of the art computer technology to produce "cross-sectional" images of the body. These images show the venous system, organs, bones, and tissue in great detail. Procedures using CT are quick, most only taking 15 - 30 minutes to complete.

The CT Department at BIDMC uses the latest imaging techniques and equipment to produce precise, quality images which are an indispensable diagnostic tool for physicians in planning the medical treatment of their patients.

Our faculty and staff are highly trained and dedicated to giving the best possible patient care, and are actively partaking in research that ensures our scanning techniques stay on the cutting edge in the medical community.

About Your CT Exam

Before the exam

Please do not eat solid foods for at least one hour before your test. You may, however drink clear liquids during this time as well as take your usual medications.

You are scheduled to arrive one to one and a half hours before your scan to allow time for preparation. Please consult the specific exam list below for more details.

During the Exam

You will be asked to lie on an x-ray table once you enter the CT room. This table will move in and out of the CT scanner (a large donut-shaped machine that is open on both ends) while acquiring images of your body. You will be required to lie very still during the scan and may also be asked to follow some specific breathing instructions.

After the Exam

You may resume your normal daily routine after your exam. If you were given IV contrast for your exam, be sure to increase your fluid intake to help clear the material from your system.

Getting Your Results

The exam images will first be viewed by a radiologist, a physician specializing in analyzing these exams. Our radiologists will review the results of your CT scan with your doctor who will then explain them to you. Your doctor should have access to your exam results within 24 hours.

Please review the instructions for your specific type of CT scan as soon as your test is scheduled.

Public Notice: Beth Israel Lahey Health intends to file a Notice of Determination of Need (DoN) regarding a proposed project for the expansion of BIDMC's computed tomography (CT) services. Read the public announcement here and here.

An ACR-Accredited Facility

The division of Computed Tomography at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation as a result of a recent survey of the American College of Radiology.