About Our Cardiac MR Center

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Cardiac MR Center is a joint effort of the Departments of Medicine (Cardiovascular Division) and Radiology. Established in the Spring of 1995, it was one of the very first MR Centers specifically focused on cardiovascular MR. BIDMC's Cardiac MR Center is a world leader in the development and clinical use of cardiac MR for coronary artery imaging, and for assessing cardiomyopathies and viability, pericardial disease and congenital heart disease. The center features a state-of-the-art 1.5T dedicated Philips Cardiac MR system. The Center is also committed to the education and training of interested researchers and clinicians with funding provided by grants from the NIH/NHLBI, American Heart Association, industry, private foundations, and Individual contributions.


Cardiac MRI is NOT located in Radiology – remember this if you ask BIDMC staff for directions.

Getting to BIDMC

  • Go to the East Campus entrance with the large blue sign out front.
  • The best elevator to take to the Cardiac MR Center is the GRYZMISH elevator. This set of elevators is NOT located in the main lobby but is nearby near the Nuclear Medicine Department. You can ask the staff at the information desk in the main lobby to direct you to these elevators.
  • Take the GRYZMISH elevator to the FOURTH floor.
  • Turn left as you exit the elevators and proceed up the hallway. You will see an overhead sign directing you to "Echo Lab/Patient Check-In & Reception". The check-in area is on your right. The receptionist will notify the CMR staff of your arrival.
  • If you get lost, ask for direction to Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging on the 4th floor or contact us at 617-667-8555.