Our Spiritual Care Team

All professional chaplains are trained to do interfaith work. The staff includes a Roman Catholic priest, an Episcopal priest and a Buddhist Lama, in addition to Jewish, Christian, Orthodox, and Unitarian Universalist chaplains.

Rev. Katie Rimer

Rev. Kathleen (Katie) Rimer, MDiv, EdD, BCC

Director, Spiritual Care and Education

Rev. Burkhard Weber

Rev. Burkhard Weber, MDiv, PhD, BCC

Spiritual Care and Education

Jaime Bonney

Jaime Bonney, MDiv

Spiritual Care

Ylisse Bess

Ylisse Bess, MDiv

Spiritual Care

Colleen Burns

Colleen Burns, MBA, MEd, MTS

Spiritual Care

Katie Dalton

Katelynn (Katie) Dalton, MDiv, BCC

Spiritual Care

Jessica D’Angio

Jessica D’Angio, MDiv, BCC

Spiritual Care

Mary Harrison

Mary Harrison, MTS, STL, DMin, BCC

Spiritual Care

Rev. Rebekah Ingram

Rev. Rebekah Ingram, MDiv, BCC

Palliative Care

Pamela Mann

Pamela Mann, MSSA

Palliative Care Chaplain

Fr. James Nunes

Fr. James Nunes, MS, MDiv

Spiritual Care

Fr. Henry Ogbuji

Fr. Henry Ogbuji, MA

Spiritual Care

Rev. N. Tobias Paddock

Rev. N. Tobias Paddock, MDiv

Spiritual Care

Cantor Nancy Sargon

Cantor Nancy Sargon, MAJS, LCSW

Palliative Care Program

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith, MAJS, LICSW, BCC

Jewish Chaplain

Janet Yassen

Janet Yassen, LICSW

Spiritual Care

Tsering Ngodup Lama Yodsampa

Tsering Ngodup Lama Yodsampa

Tibetan Buddhist Lama