GI Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Procedure Preps

Preparing for Your GI Procedure

Please Note: Patient safety is our highest priority and many safety measures adopted amidst COVID-19 remain in place. However, pre-procedure testing is no longer required for asymptomatic patients. We have recently updated our pre-procedure medication guidance for certain medications, called GLP-1s, for diabetes or weight loss. Please review the medication guidance sheet for detailed instructions on adjustments ahead of your procedure.

When you schedule a GI procedure, you will receive detailed instructions from our care team explaining how to properly prepare for your procedure. It is important to follow the series of instructions as this preparation, or 'prep' course, helps to clean your digestive system in order to get the best results. Any residue may impact the effectiveness of your GI procedure, and the whole process may need to be repeated

The instructions for colonoscopy prep and endoscopy prep can also be downloaded below, however please be sure to follow the prep that was discussed when you scheduled your appointment. These instructions differ and some preps are not appropriate for all patients. If you are unsure of which prep is best for you or need to reschedule or change your appointment, please contact us at 617-754-8888. Additional information can be found below in our 'On the day of your procedure' section or on our FAQs page.

Watch a short video about preparing for a colonoscopy.