Videos: Having a Spinal Injection

Spinal Injection Video Series

Our video series explains what you need to know about having an injection at our Spine Center. 

At your first visit, we will provide you with our All About Your Spinal Injection (PDF) packet, which will help prepare you, too.

Your First Visit to the Spine Center

Before you arrive for your first visit with a Pain Management Specialist at our Spine Center, learn where to go, what to bring, and what to expect.

Why Choose the Spine Center at BIDMC?

Meet our key Spine Pain Management specialists and their approach to spinal injections, and discover what makes us truly unique in the Boston area.

Types of Spinal Injections and other Non-Surgical Procedures We Perform

Our specialists explain the types of injections and procedures we perform to help alleviate your pain and who might be a candidate for each one.

Before Your Procedure

When you decide to have an injection at our Spine Center, we will provide you with all the information you need beforehand–including our detailed injection packet–so you will be well prepared and ready.

The Day of the Procedure

We review where to go for your injection, when to arrive, and what exactly to expect on the day of your procedure, during, and after.

After the Procedure

Our Spine Pain Management specialists discuss how you may feel after your procedure, possible but rare causes for concern, and when you might resume normal activities.