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Surgical Care during COVID-19

Sidhu Gangadharan, MD of BIDMC performs surgery on a patient.The Department of Surgery is taking every measure to ensure your safety during your visit and hospital stay throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly encourage all patients to continue to seek medical care and consult a physician about your health and well-being during these unprecedented times. Click here for additional resources around surgical care during COVID-19.

The roots of the Harvard Surgical Service at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center reach back to 1864, establishing it as one of the oldest academic programs in the nation.

Our department has an explicit mission to provide advanced surgical care of the very highest quality to those in need, improve health through innovation and discovery, and prepare future leaders in American surgery.

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While surgery has always been about embracing the pursuit of excellence, it is not simply about individual excellence. Surgery is about establishing systems of excellence — inside and outside the operating room. It is about teamwork, partnership, and collaboration. In all these endeavors, our culture fosters inquisitiveness and innovation as the best route to new pathways that excite the imagination and dramatically alter the landscape of care for the surgical patient. We are forever guided by our commitment to ensure caring, trusting, and collaborative relationships with our patients.


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The Department of Surgery conducts an active, diverse program of basic, clinical, and translational research supported in part by more than $22 million in federal grants and gifts from philanthropic organizations.

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