About the Department of Surgery

Surgical Care at BIDMC

We are committed to outstanding surgical care, research, and education.

Since our origins in the 1860s under the leadership of David Williams Cheever, MD, the Department of Surgery at BIDMC has been a preeminent center of surgical care, training, and research. Our mission is to provide advanced surgical care of the very highest quality to those in need, to improve health through innovation and discovery, and prepare future leaders in American surgery.

Patient Care

Our surgeons are committed to uncompromising excellence, but strive to keep healthcare human by fostering caring, trusting, and collaborative relationships with our patients. We care for our patients at BIDMC and across our community, in partnered and affiliated hospitals, through integrated multidisciplinary teams.


Our translational and clinical research programs are dedicated to closing ingenuity gaps that exist in the care of our patients. We embrace interdisciplinary collaborations, which foster close connections between bench and bedside and accelerate clinical trials of promising technologies to improve human health and wellbeing.

Surgical Education

We produce the country's future surgical leaders: Master surgeons who will provide extraordinary care, embrace challenges, solve problems, question, create, and innovate. We are committed to nurturing skilled humanistic clinicians and educators who see with their mind and not simply their eyes, surgeons who will cross boundaries to identify new solutions to currently intractable problems.