Preparing for Your Gerontology Visit

Gerontology Visits at BIDMC

Appointment Checklist

Gerontology prepare for visitTo get the most out of your doctor visit, go through this checklist before your appointment, and take time to prepare for your visit. Be sure to write down any answers to questions that you ask your doctor as well.

  • Bring ALL your medicines, including non-prescription meds, to your visit in their bottles or bubble packs with you. This is better than a list, which can be incomplete or have incorrect doses.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you have for your doctor and bring it with you.
  • Take notes to help remember everything your doctor tells you — write things down or bring someone with you to the visit.
  • Stay focused on your medical issues. While it is nice to socialize with your doctor, time is short, and you should get the medical discussion done first so you won't be frustrated that all your questions weren't answered.
  • Keep track of your vaccinations (flu, pneumonia, shingles, DTaP for tetanus) so you have a copy of when you got them.
  • Discuss Health Care Proxy with your primary care doctor and let him/her know who you have chosen and what the phone numbers are.