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Senior Health at BIDMC

Senior Asian CoupleAs one gets older, health care needs change and can become more complex. That's why it's important that your doctors, nurses and other clinical staff are experts in senior health.

The Senior Health team in the Division of Gerontology at BIDMC is specially trained in the care of adults over the age of 65. Our team of geriatricians, geriatric nurse practitioners, geriatric psychiatrists, and social workers understand the physical, mental and emotional challenges of aging, and work with patients, family and caregivers to ensure a higher quality of life.

Whether you are a healthy and active 65-year-old or caring for a parent with complex medical issues, our team offers a holistic approach to support healthy aging. We offer primary care and specialized care for specific problems that can affect older adults. We are also engaged in innovative research aimed at improving health outcomes among seniors.

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Gerontology Programs and Services

Senior Health Primary Care

A geriatrician and a team of senior health professionals work with patients not only to help them get well but also to help them stay well, in the long term.

Senior Health Specialty Care

If you need specialized care, we provide specialty consultations for a range of conditions. 

Inpatient Care

Our Senior Health team pays special attention to the needs of our patients over 65. We provide personalized and compassionate care, and collaborate with the hospital care team.

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