Inpatient Care for Seniors

Being hospitalized can be a stressful experience — especially for an older adult with multiple, complex health concerns.

Our Senior Health team pays special attention to the needs of our patients over 65. We provide personalized and compassionate care, and collaborate with the hospital care team to promote quicker recovery, a shorter hospital stay, fewer complications like delirium, urinary tract infections and falls, and to avoid unnecessary testing or procedures.

Our Senior Health team is available to provide geriatric consultation for patients who are admitted to the hospital. The attending physician can request a consult for issues such as delirium, falls, and complex medical management of other geriatric issues.

If a patient in our Senior Health Primary Care practice is admitted to the hospital, we advise patients to let their care team know. It allows us to participate in the coordination of care. We also ask patients to schedule a follow-up appointment with their primary care provider after being discharged from the hospital.