Research in Gerontology

BIDMC's Division of Gerontology is committed to advancing knowledge about aging in order to improve health care for older people. The Division's research faculty members are located at two sites: BIDMC's main Boston location and Hebrew SeniorLife's (HSL) campus. 

Researchers based at BIDMC are currently working in several exciting areas. They include: Extension of Community Health Outcomes-Care Transitions; Functional Outcomes After Surgical Procedures; and the Geriatric Diabetes Research Program.  Our research faculty at HSL hold appointments at BIDMC and the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR), which is one of the nation's leading clinical research centers in gerontology. Currently supported by over $46 million of government grants and contracts, IFAR is among the top 10 percent of research institutions in NIH grants.

Hebrew SeniorLife
Marcus Institute for Aging Research