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The Cancer Center at BIDMC is an important center of research into the safety and effectiveness of new cancer therapies. Your physician will help you evaluate whether participation in a clinical trial is appropriate for you.

If you have advanced cancer that has not responded to standard therapy, you may benefit from the BIDMC Cancer Center's Innovation in Cancer program. For those who qualify, this program offers the option to participate in early stage early stage research studies investigating new anti-cancer agents.

Novel Therapies

Based on strong experimental and pre-clinical data, and cutting-edge science, these clinical trials research novel therapy and techniques that include:

  • Unique agents designed to improve the effects of standard chemotherapy
  • New cancer vaccines and other immunotherapies
  • Targeted agents to disable a specific cellular pathway
  • Innovative approaches to interfere with blood flow to tumors
  • New chemotherapeutic agents
  • State-of-the-art imaging techniques

Active and Enrolling Trials

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