Treating Hand Injuries with Therapy

Athlete with Hand InjuryIf you've had surgery or injuries to your hand, our occupational and physical therapists will work closely with your orthopedic or plastic surgeon to focus on restoring hand functions.

If you want to regain normal use of your hands after tendon, nerve, burn and soft tissue injuries, our therapists can help. We are also here to help hand, wrist, thumb and forearm fractures, dislocations and ligament sprains as well as repetitive motion injuries like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Treatment

Our occupational and physical therapists will evaluate your current hand function and performance and design programs to give you quick results so you can return to your normal activities.

Therapies include:
  • Fabrication of a custom splint.
  • Skin care and wound management.
  • Exercises to restore range-of-motion and strength.
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization, in which the therapist stretches the joints and soft tissues.
  • Modalities such as ultrasound, paraffin, heat, ice and fluidotherapy (a dry whirlpool that uses heat to desensitize incisions) to increase tissue extensibility or reduce pain and swelling.
  • Retraining your hands to do your usual activities, such as how to move and bend, pick up items or hold a pen.
  • Education in ergonomic changes and joint protection techniques such as improving your computer set up, teaching you positions to avoid, different ways of gripping and holding items and using assistive devices to reduce the stress on your joints.
  • Instruction in a home exercise program.