What to Expect After Breast Cancer Treatment

You have completed your treatment for breast cancer. Now what? 

You are moving to a new phase in life where living well is especially important. In this new role, there are challenges ahead as you learn to live a healthy lifestyle that may lower the risk of a recurrence. You are also learning to adapt to changes that have taken place in your body, mind and spirit.

We are here to help, with a special program called Take Sail.

What is Take Sail?

Take Sail focuses on improving your personal experience of living with, through and beyond breast cancer.
You will meet with a specially trained caregiver who will:

  • Review your cancer treatments and answer your questions
  • Recommend strategies for coping with any lingering side effects
  • Refer you to BIDMC specialists to help with symptoms or concerns
  • Develop an annual plan that you can share with your primary care and oncology providers
  • Serve as a communication resource for navigating your future needs and concerns

Who Can Participate?

Take Sail is for patients who have had care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and who experience symptoms or have concerns during or after cancer treatment.

For More Information

There are a host of issues that may arise immediately following your treatment from emotional well-being, nutrition and fatigue, to fertility, fear and finances. We can help by addressing these and other concerns. For more information, or to make an appointment, please call our BreastCare Center 617-667-2900.