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PathologyLanding351x197The Department of Pathology is involved with the diagnosis of cancer and other major medical conditions through the gross and microscopic examination of tissue samples obtained from surgical procedures and endoscopy (Anatomic Pathology).

Our department also provides clinical laboratory services to the hospital as well as consults in the areas of clinical chemistry, hematopathology, microbiology, and transfusion medicine (Clinical Pathology).

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Programs & Services

Our world-renowned pathologists are dedicated to providing expert interpretation of tissue samples and the subtle nuances that aid in making accurate diagnoses.

Breast Pathology

The Breast Pathology Consultation Service is available to provide enhanced consultation services for difficult and problematic breast cases.

Anatomic Pathology

The Division of Anatomic Pathology performs autopsies and examines specimens.

Clinical Pathology

The Division of Clinical Pathology manages Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's clinical laboratories that provide comprehensive testing and consultations:

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