Treating and Diagnosing Voice Disorders

Our voices are essential to helping us communicate with one another. And for some people, like teachers, members of the clergy or entertainers, a strong, healthy voice is essential to their livelihood.

The Laryngology section within the Division of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery is focused on the care of adults — both non-professional and professional voice users — with all types of common and rare voice disorders.

Using the latest technologies, our fellowship-trained laryngologist and his team provide advanced evaluation, diagnosis, and medical, surgical, and behavioral treatments to provide comprehensive, individualized care.

Additionally, we offer the services of certified speech-language pathologists, providing patients with access to rehabilitation services, including medical speech evaluation.

Voice disorders and conditions we treat include:
  • vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold lesions (polyps, nodules, cysts)
  • loss of voice or partial loss of voice
  • early laryngeal (voice box) cancer
  • neurological voice and swallowing disorders
  • complex upper airway stenosis (in conjunction with the Complex Airway Program team in our Chest Disease Center)
  • laryngeal-mediated cough, paradoxical vocal fold motion, or reflux
  • swallowing disorders (Zenker's diverticulum, upper esophageal dilation)

For our patients' convenience, whenever possible we provide care in an outpatient setting. For example, we offer the following in-office procedures.

  • 532nm KTP laser
  • vocal fold injection
  • trans-nasal screening esophagoscopy
  • awake bronchoscopy and trans-nasal esophagoscopy
  • laryngeal electromyography (EMG)
  • EMG-guided Botox injections for voice and swallowing disorders

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