Videos: Having Spine Surgery

Our video series explains everything you need to know about having spine surgery at our Spine Center. 

Your First Visit to the Spine Center

Learn about our approach and the comprehensive evaluation our patients receive during their first appointment at the Spine Center.

Preparing for Surgery at the Spine Center

Our Spine Center surgeons and care team provide in-depth, detailed information about how to prepare for your spine surgery.

On the Day of Your Surgery

Familiarize yourself with what to expect the day of your surgery, including where to check-in, what your surgeons do to prepare, who the members of your medical team are, and how we coordinate your care.

Your Hospital Stay

An introduction to your stay at BIDMC, additional members of the medical team, and how you may feel right after surgery.

Returning Home after Spine Surgery

Our spine specialists talk about how we work together to make sure it’s safe for patients to go home and give great advice for those recovering.

Follow-Up Care & Physical Therapy at the Spine Center

Be prepared for your follow-up care plan, learn about physical therapy, and how we will work with you so you can return to doing what you were doing before your spine pain.