What You Need to Know About Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound exam is primarily performed to further evaluate the breast after a mammogram, a breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or findings during a clinical exam, often to answer a specific problem or question.

We also perform breast ultrasounds to provide guidance for breast biopsies and other interventions.

In certain circumstances, when women are at high risk for developing breast cancer and/or have dense breasts, ultrasound or MRI can be used as a screening tool, in addition to mammography.

Determining what, if any, additional screening test should be performed requires a conversation between you and your doctor. Mammography is the best screening tool available to detect for breast cancer. Other screening tests should be performed in addition to mammography — without replacing it.

Additional screening tests such as breast ultrasound may not be covered by your health insurance; check with your insurance company prior to having additional screening.

Breast Ultrasound FAQs