Interpreter Services

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High-Quality Services for Non-English Speaking Patients

Interpreter Services

We provide high-quality interpreter services to non-English speaking patients. The department supported 200,000 interpreted encounters* in 70 languages in Fiscal Year 2017.

In most cases, interpreters for outpatient appointments can be booked automatically by clinics/departments. This means that when an appointment is booked with a doctor or provider, the interpreter is automatically booked at the same time through our uniquely coordinated system.

About Medical Interpreting

Our interpreters abide by a set of Standards of Practice and are trained in medical terminology. We are committed to maintaining and improving skills through various professional development opportunities within BIDMC and the medical interpreting industry.

The art of medical interpretation requires an understanding of anatomy and physiology, linguistic competency, and interpersonal skills. The department collaborates with the Ethics Support Service and many departments to address, in depth, the complexities that arise as part of the work.

Interpreters respect patient confidentiality, are committed to providing the best in patient care, and work closely with medical teams with the goal of maintaining patient safety.

*An encounter is a telephone interpretation or an in-person interpretation.

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