Limb Preservation Treatments & Services

Limb Preservation Care at BIDMC

The BIDMC Limb Preservation Center gives you access to the latest treatment options and technologies. We personalize your treatment plan and work as a multidisciplinary team to save your limb and provide healing.

Our specialists have experience in treating complex and challenging medical conditions that put your limbs at risk for amputation. Our goal for your treatment is to prevent limb loss and restore your independence with a functional limb.

We offer the following treatments: 

  • Routine and preventative diabetic foot care
  • Podiatric foot operations to balance the foot and prevent pressure
  • Partial amputations that still allow you to walk
  • Advanced imaging to avoid contrast dye (CO2 angiography, IVUS)
  • Drug coated stents and balloons to prevent recurrent blockages
  • Tibial angioplasty to open narrow or blocked blood vessels in the legs
  • Major vascular reconstruction (vascular bypass) when necessary
  • Vascular assistance during the removal of leg tumors
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery to restore function
  • Free tissue transfer to cover large wounds, bone or orthopedic hardware
  • Wound management, including the most advanced forms of offloading and cellular tissue therapy.

We coordinate all of your care to streamline treatment and provide ongoing support. You may receive follow-up care at our affiliated facilities in your local community, so you will not have to travel.

We also work with local wound care centers to provide ongoing wound management until you are completely healed.

Amputation Support Group

When: Third Thursday of every other month, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Where: Virtually, please contact the facilitator for login details

Contact: Jackie French, LICSW
Call 617-632-8840 or email Jackie.

This free support group is open to anyone who has had an amputation or is facing an amputation. Family members and caregivers are also welcome.