About Our Limb Preservation Center

About Limb Preservation at BIDMC

Our Limb Preservation Center specialists offer advanced care to improve circulation, treat infection, and heal open ulcers. Our center works with you to avoid amputation (loss of a limb) whenever possible, to minimize hospitalizations and to preserve your ability to walk independently. Read about one patient's experience.

Our compassionate and multidisciplinary team includes physicians in the divisions of:

We also work closely with physicians in the divisions of: 

We coordinate all of your care so that you can undergo any necessary testing and see multiple providers seamlessly, and often on the same day. Our team helps you navigate your treatment options and provides ongoing support.

Conditions We Treat

Our Limb Preservation Center provides treatment for a variety of conditions that affect the health of your limbs. Diabetes, poor circulation, infections, neuropathy, trauma and some medical conditions put you at a higher risk of losing a limb. Our compassionate team works with you to find the right diagnosis and treatment plan in order to provide a successful result.