Diagnosis & Treatment of Kidney Stones

Peter SteinbergThe Kidney Stone Service combines the expertise of our urologists and nephrologists to offer you the comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care you’ve come to expect from BIDMC.

Our specialists assess and treat:

  • first-time kidney stone patients
  • recurrent kidney stones
  • complex conditions, such as kidney stones during pregnancy, urinary diversion, or staghorn stones

By evaluating patients using 24-hour urine testing as well as medication and dietary recommendations, our physicians are able to best diagnose and treat you. We provide all aspects of treatment and management using the latest, minimally invasive techniques, including:

  • ureteroscopy: outpatient endoscopic management using a miniature scope to locate and remove small kidney and/or ureteral stones.
  • shockwave lithotripsy: outpatient management using sound waves to break up small to medium kidney stones.
  • percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL): inpatient procedure to break up and remove large and/or complex kidney stones.
  • laparoscopic and robotic pyelolithotomy/ureterolithotomy: inpatient, intra-abdominal procedure for very complex and unusual kidney stones

Meet Our Kidney Stone Treatment Team

Peter L Steinberg, MD

Director, Endourology and Stone Management

Ruslan Korets, MD

Ruslan Korets, MD

Director, Urology Training Program; Urology


Theodore Steinman, MD


Robert Cohen, MD