Celiac Disease Clinical Trials

The Celiac Center at BIDMC is a major site for celiac disease research worldwide. Our physicians conduct research into all aspects of celiac disease:

  • Difficult-to-treat cases (refractory celiac disease)
  • Metabolic issues (how the body converts food into energy)
  • Screening for celiac disease
  • Biomarkers (signs of the disease)

Lead Enrolling Site

BIDMC is the lead enrolling site, and on the Scientific Advisory Board, for every celiac-related therapeutic clinical trial in the country. As the lead enrolling site, BIDMC plays a central role in designing and completing national and international studies.

Some of the most exciting clinical trials currently underway include:

  • A vaccine for celiac disease
  • Agents that prevent gluten from reaching the digestive tract
  • Enzyme cocktails that break down gluten before it reaches the small intestine 

Your physician can help you determine whether participating in a clinical trial is appropriate for you. If you are interested in research taking place at the Celiac Center, please call 617-667-8397.

An Invitation to Donate

The Celiac Center relies on several avenues to support our research in celiac disease — grants from outside sponsors, donations from celiac organizations and, most personally, from our patients. We are most grateful for donations in any amount to fund current and future studies on celiac disease — with your help we have become one of the leading celiac research centers in the U.S. We encourage you to consider making a donation, perhaps in someone's name, or making us a part of your estate planning. Thank you very much in advance.

Make a Donation

Our Thanks and Appreciation

We would like to give heartfelt thanks to our supporters who make large and long-term studies possible.

In particular, we offer our special thank you to the many individuals who have made charitable donations to the Celiac Center from their own personal resources.

Updated July 2018