Personalized Diabetes Care

BIDMC's Healthcare Associates (HCA) offers personalized diabetes care based on each patient's needs and goals. We partner with the Joslin Diabetes Center to offer a wide range of high-quality diabetes programs and services.

At HCA, we have found that the best results in diabetes care come from using a team approach. Your diabetes care will be provided by your primary care team and specialists such as:

  • Endocrinologists: Physicians with special training in diabetes.
  • Ophthalmologists or optometrists: Eye specialists who look after your eye health.
  • Podiatrists: Foot care specialists who will examine your feet and teach you how to care for your feet at home. HCA staff also perform foot exams and will refer you to BIDMC Podiatry if you have foot pain or if your feet are slow to heal.

Diabetes: Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and it is a disease that has to be carefully controlled and managed in order to stay healthy. The diabetes experts at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and our clinical partner, Joslin Diabetes Center, have come together to provide the facts, advice, and latest news about preventing, managing, and living with diabetes.

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