About Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy

BIDMC obstetrician listening to patient with stethoscope

Cardiovascular disease before, during and after pregnancy can pose unique challenges for you and your baby. At BIDMC, our multidisciplinary team—including maternal-fetal medicine specialists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and social workers—is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to optimize your health.

Whenever possible, we encourage patients with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions to begin planning with your medical team before conception to best understand the risks of pregnancy, optimize your health and prepare to manage your condition safely.

Pre-existing cardiovascular conditions may include:

Your team will put together a prenatal plan that may include advanced cardiovascular imaging that is safe for use during pregnancy. In addition to prenatal care, cardiac and obstetric anesthesiologists will help guide your delivery plan to prepare for specific scenarios that may occur.

Sometimes, cardiovascular conditions present themselves during pregnancy without a pre-existing condition. This may include:

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Our team of experts offer highly specialized care for patients with a wide range of cardiovascular complications, and we collaborate with other specialists to carefully evaluate and treat the needs of you and your baby.