About Gastrointestinal Disease and Pregnancy

Dr Spiel attends to patient

Women with gastrointestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease and other gastrointestinal conditions, can face unique challenges during pregnancy. Our multidisciplinary team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, nutritionists, nurses and social workers is dedicated to helping you manage your condition from preconception through delivery.

Whenever possible, we encourage patients with pre-existing gastrointestinal conditions to begin planning with your medical team before conception to best understand the risks of pregnancy, optimize your health, review your medications and prepare to manage your condition safely.

Pre-existing gastrointestinal conditions may include:

Your team will put together a prenatal plan that may include nutritional changes, medication adjustments or lifestyle changes. Patients who have undergone surgical procedures for the treatment of severe Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and other gastrointestinal conditions also may have specific delivery needs that require the availability of experienced surgical and medical teams.

Read one patient’s story of how our team helped manage her Crohn’s disease before and during pregnancy.

Our Specialty Care Team

All of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists are experts in taking care of patients with complicated medical conditions before and during pregnancy. Together with our multidisciplinary clinic partners, we can help coordinate care with your primary obstetrician to provide the highest level of care for you and your baby.

Gastrointestinal Leads