About Infectious Disease and Pregnancy

A BIDMC Maternal-fetal medicine specialist discusses a care plan with a patientComplicated infections can pose unique challenges during pregnancy. In partnership with your primary care physician or obstetrician, our multidisciplinary team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, infectious disease specialists, nurses and social workers can help coordinate care for infectious disease complications during pregnancy for you and your growing baby.

Whenever possible, we encourage patients with pre-existing infectious diseases to begin planning with your medical team before conception to best understand the risks of pregnancy, optimize your health, and prepare to manage your condition safely. Some infections do not predate the pregnancy and are diagnosed when already pregnant. We will work with you and your obstetric providers to provide recommendations at the time of diagnosis.

Infectious diseases that may affect a pregnancy include:

An infectious disease may also infect your growing baby. We counsel, diagnose and manage pregnancies alongside our infectious disease colleagues to coordinate follow-up care for the baby after delivery.

Our Specialty Care Team

All of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists are experts in taking care of patients with complicated medical conditions before and during pregnancy. Together with our multidisciplinary clinic partners, we can help coordinate care with your primary obstetrician to provide the highest level of care for you and your baby.

Infectious Disease Leads
  • Blair Wylie, MD, MPH, Division Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Rebecca Zash, MD, Infectious Diseases