What is Trauma-Informed Care?

The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery (CVPR) is active in promoting trauma-informed care within the medical center so that health care delivery is truly an opportunity for holistic healing for all who seek care here. Building on the Six core principles developed by SAMSHA — Safety, Trustworthiness and Transparency, Peer Support, Collaboration and Mutuality, Empowerment, Voice and Choice, Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues, CVPR staff offer training and consultation around trauma-informed care in a health care setting. To find out more about trauma-informed care check out these resources:

Please feel free to utilize these tools that were developed with input from providers, patients and trauma survivors to support trauma-informed care practice. If you are a provider and want some tips on what practicing trauma-informed care looks like in your practice, download our tip sheet. If you are seeking medical or dental care, feel free to use both the Request for Trauma-informed Care Card which you can personalize for your own unique needs.