Adult Intensive Care Units

About Adult Intensive Care at BIDMC

Intensive Care, or Critical Care, is the sophisticated medical and nursing care provided to patients facing life-threatening illness or injury. Here at BIDMC, we have multiple intensive care units (ICUs) with a total of 77 patient beds.


AdultICULanding351x197Different ICUs specialize in caring for patients with different medical and surgical problems. You may hear the following different names for our ICUs:

  • MICU: Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • CCU: Coronary Care Unit
  • SICU: Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Neuro ICU: Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit
  • T/SICU: Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • CVICU: Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
  • MICU/SICU: A combined Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit

ICU Locations

All of BIDMC's ICUs are located on the West Campus, with the exception of the MICU/SICU, which is the only ICU located on the East campus.

The MICU/SICU is commonly referred to as Finard ICU or FICU, as it is located in the Finard building on BIDMC's EAST campus.

ICU Care Teams

BIDMC is a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School. As a teaching hospital, we provide clinical education and training to future and current doctors and other healthcare trainees.

Each ICU at BIDMC typically has a care team that is headed by an attending physician, also known as an intensivist. Other members of the ICU care team include nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, residents, interns, and fellows.

Patient and Family Engagement Program Seeks to Improve Our Diversity and Inclusion

In order to ensure that our advisory councils are representative of the diverse patient population at BIDMC, we are seeking applicants representing African American, Asian American, Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ, veteran, and other minority communities.