ICU Care Team and Leadership

Meet Our Care Team Specialists & Leaders

ICU Care Team

Our ICU team is made up of a number of dedicated specialists who will provide you or your loved one with patient- and family-centered care.

  • Intensivists (Attendings): Doctors specially trained in the care of seriously ill patients. Intensivists have received advanced training in intensive care medicine after completing their training in several primary specialties, including anesthesia, emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery and neurology.
  • Surgical Attendings (in all surgical ICUs): Surgeons overseeing a patient's needs related to a completed or anticipated surgery.
  • Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants: Specially-trained personnel with advanced degrees who work closely with intensivists on clinical care.
  • Interns, Residents or Fellows: Doctors who have graduated from medical school and at different levels of specialty training at BIDMC.
  • Nurses: Registered nurses who are assigned to one or two patients at a time and carry out much of the hour-to-hour care.
  • Patient Care Technicians: Personnel who assist nurses and help patients with everyday care, like bathing and hygiene. May be responsible for answering call lights when patients or families need assistance.
  • Pharmacists: Specially-trained clinicians with expertise in medication management who work with doctors and nurses to decide on the best medication choices for patients. Available to answer any questions you may have on medications.
  • Respiratory Therapists: ICU personnel who specialize in caring for patients with breathing problems and help monitor and support patients on ventilators.
  • Social Workers: Licensed social workers with expertise in health and mental health who are available to help patients and families cope with the many issues that arise when illness or injury occurs. Social workers can also help you find local resources, like places to eat or stay during your loved one's hospital stay.
  • Case Managers: Registered nurses who specialize in helping patients and families make plans for continued recovery and care after discharge from the medical center. Case managers can also answer any questions you may have about insurance and healthcare costs.
  • Pastoral Care Staff: Hospital-based clergy who visit patients routinely to provide religious support; will be happy to contact clergy from any denomination (or your local clergy) upon request.
  • Unit Coordinator/Unit Assistant: Often the first person you will see upon entering the ICU, the unit coordinator sits at the front desk, answers the telephones, and allows visitors in to the ICU; also handles many administrative duties in the ICU.

ICU Leadership

Each ICU is managed by a Physician Director and a Nurse Manager. If you would like to give feedback, please call Patient Relations at 617-975-9750.

Director of Critical Care Quality

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Inpatient
Michael Cocchi, MD

Medical Intensive Care

Medical Intensive Care Director
Molly Hayes, MD, ATSF

Associate Medical Intensive Care Director
Dave Furfaro, MD

Nursing Director, Finard ICU
Jacqueline FitzGerald, MSN, RN

Nursing Director, MICU 6 & MICU 7
Kristin Russell, RN, MS

Surgical Intensive Care

Surgical Intensive Care Director
Todd Sarge, MD

Nurse Manager, Trauma ICU
Bill Entwistle, RN, BSN

Nurse Manager, Surgical ICU & Neuro ICU
Suzanne Joyner, RN, BSN

Cardiac Care

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Director
Dhruv S. Kazi, MD, MSc, MS

Nurse Manager, Coronary Care Unit
Pamela Browall, RN, MS

Patient and Family Engagement Program Seeks To Improve Our Diversity and Inclusion

In order to ensure that our advisory councils are representative of the diverse patient population at BIDMC, we are seeking Patient and Family Advisor applicants representing African American, Asian American, Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ, veteran, and other minority communities.