Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery

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Helping People Impacted by Violence

A group of people discussing violence prevention related topics.Our Mission

The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery (CVPR) was established in 1997, to:

  • Improve the health and well-being of people impacted by multiple forms of violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, community violence and homicide by providing trauma-informed services and programs
  • Elevate response to violence and train healthcare providers to identify and respond to patients who are experiencing or have previously experienced violence in their lives
  • Engage in innovative collaboration between healthcare providers and community organizations to provide violence intervention, prevention and recovery services

The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery (CVPR) joins in solidarity with the black, indigenous communities and people of color in this moment and each and every day. We acknowledge racism, oppression and the real impacts of racialized trauma in BIPOC survivors' experiences. For our employees, patients, and community members who identify as black, indigenous, or person of color, CVPR is grateful for your presence; we see you, we hear you, we appreciate your talents, and we commit to working towards a more equitable workplace and community and addressing racial trauma and healing.

We are committed to addressing the root causes of violence, including: sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and other isms that devalue and discriminate against people for who they are. We will continue to address these isms as we encounter them in our hospital system.

We are accountable and responsible for the long-term endeavor of uprooting and examining our own unconscious biases and prejudices that benefit from systemic racism, while asking for actions today that will begin to create change. For those of white privilege we pledge to work toward greater awareness, education and engagement in an “un-learning” process; and in taking action to address racism and white supremacy values that are embedded in ourselves and our work culture.

Because anti-racism is about accountability, we are committing ourselves to:

  • Expanding and enhancing our services and therapy models to address racial healing to better meet the needs of CVPR clients
  • Promote trauma informed care within CVPR and throughout the entire hospital.
  • Ongoing examination of equity within ourselves and our system through diversity, equity and inclusion training.

We are open and invite recommendations and feedback to share in our commitment to racial justice and healing.

Programs & Services

All services provided are private, confidential and free.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a crime of violence and control. It's any type of sexual contact without consent between two or more people, regardless of their gender or marital status.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence also known as intimate partner violence or battery is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence. 

Community Violence

Community Violence can be a wide variety of interpersonal violent acts including homicide, youth violence, bullying, and workplace assaults.