General Surgery

330 Brookline Avenue, Shapiro Clinical Building
Boston, MA 02215

General Surgery at BIDMC

The Division of General Surgery treats a range of conditions—from simple to the most complex. Our experts perform operations with state-of-the-art techniques including minimally invasive approaches and are informed by BIDMCs world-class research.

From simpler procedures like to treat conditions like hernia to complex pancreatic resections and weight loss surgery, our surgeons are committed to providing the best outcomes.

We also conduct research to improve patient care, and train the next generation of surgeons.

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Programs & Services

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

We offer a wide variety of minimally invasive techniques to enhance recovery.

Endocrine Surgery

The Thyroid and Parathyroid Center offers coordinated services designed  to meet the  complex needs of patients with  thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal conditions.

Weight Loss Surgery

Our bariatric surgeons perform three FDA-approved weight loss surgery procedures: RNY gastric bypass; laparoscopic adjustable gastric band; and Gastric sleeve. 

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