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Expert Epilepsy Treatment and Patient Care

BIDMC patient undergoing testing for drug-resistant epilepsyThe Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston has been one of the preeminent clinical centers in the United States for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with seizures ever since it was established about 40 years ago. BIDMC has been designated a Level 4 center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, signifying the highest level of care available in the field.

BIDMC is at the forefront of the latest technological advances for seizure patients. As a leader in the treatment of seizure disorders and related diagnoses, the BIDMC Epilepsy Program includes multiple centers and clinics for more specialized care including: a First Seizure Clinic, a Women’s Health and Epilepsy program, and the most advanced therapeutic options for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.

We are also the home of the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation, a world leader in the development of brain modulation techniques that do not require surgery. We are one of the pioneers in the leading-edge field of critical care EEG and offer the ability to perform continuous monitoring of brain function in patients who need intensive care.

In addition to the outstanding clinical services we provide, our research and education programs ensure that we are continually working to improve the care that seizure patients will receive in the future, by discovering more about the causes and consequences of epilepsy and by teaching about the latest in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment.

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Programs & Services

First Seizure Clinic

Patients deserve a thorough evaluation, complete explanations and a thoughtful plan of action after having a first seizure, and we are pleased to offer a specialized First Seizure Clinic.

Women's Health & Epilepsy Program

While all seizure patients need individualized attention for their medical condition, women face unique challenges and have specific needs and questions.  

Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Program

For some people, medications do not work or lead to intolerable side effects. We offer advanced diagnostic tests and treatments for the care of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.

"The core of our mission remains an unwavering dedication to personal, individualized care for each patient who comes to us for epilepsy evaluation and treatment, without exception."

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