Voice, Speech and Swallowing Therapy

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Care for Voice, Speech and Swallowing Disorders

The Voice, Speech and Swallowing Therapy experts at BIDMC are nationally recognized leaders, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of voice, airway, speech and swallowing conditions. These conditions often develop as a result of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, excess use of your voice, head trauma and other neuromuscular disorders, head and neck cancer or developmental delays. Our dedicated team works collaboratively with surgeons, ENTs, physicians to provide the best therapeutic treatments throughout your journey to recovery.


Names (Left to Right): Ashley Boulanger, Alyssa Freeman, Julie Gilmer, Elana Katz, Laina Piera, Karen Sheffler, Cynthia Wagner, Tori Flormann, Carla Hendricks, Ana G. White, Laura Bauman Castro, Sarah Mousseau, & Sarah Mackenzie


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Learn about voice, swallowing and upper airways disorders and the many therapies used to treat them at BIDMC.

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