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Providing Innovative Pelvic Floor Treatment

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Bladder and pelvic conditions are common and treatable. Many women suffer needlessly and are hesitant to seek help for disorders they believe to be untreatable and a natural part of aging. But nothing could be further from the truth.

We offer a wide range of innovative and successful treatment options for all manners of female pelvic floor disorders, from urinary incontinence (losing bladder control) to prolapse (when pelvic organs drop or slip out of place).

Our specialists in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery are leaders in providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment services. We offer patient-centered, compassionate care, dedicated to helping you return to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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Full Range of Treatment Options

Laser therapy and robotic surgery are two new and innovative treatment options that our surgeons offer to their patients, often resulting in less pain and a quicker return to normal activities after surgery.

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Our fellowship-trained surgeons and physicians strive to work closely together with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, nurses and other caregivers to make sure you get the best possible care.

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