Preparing for Your Visit

Urogynecology DoctorsPrior to your visit, you will receive an information packet that contains several important forms including a new patient questionnaire. Please fill them out and bring them with you to your first appointment. This will help us better understand your symptoms and make sure that your time with us is spent as efficiently as possible.

We also ask that you bring a copy of pertinent medical records, including test results and operative reports, if you were previously evaluated and/or treated for any pelvic floor disorders. If you have previous medical records at other hospitals or institutions and you would like us to request that they be sent to our office, please fill out a record release form and fax or mail it to us. Please note it can take a few weeks for medical records to reach our office.

You should expect your first appointment to last approximately 45 minutes to one hour. During the visit, we will review your medical history with you, and perform a thorough pelvic examination. Depending on the nature of your condition, we may also use a catheter, a thin, flexible tube, to obtain a urine specimen. If you have pelvic organ prolapse, you may be asked to stand for an examination.

After the exam, your doctor will sit down with you, explain your condition(s), and discuss recommendations. Specialized testing may be suggested to help diagnose the problem.

Diagnosis and treatment of your condition is a team effort, involving you and the specialists in our clinic. Please feel free to ask any questions during your visit. It is important to us that you understand the problem and the treatment plan.