Breast Cancer Treatment for Young Women

Young Woman Discusses Her Breast Cancer ConcernsBreast cancer is rare under age 40, but when a diagnosis is made, young women face unique concerns about the present and the future. Cancer is always challenging, and it can be even more so at a time of life when family-building and career may be priorities.

Breast cancer types found in young women are often more aggressive than those in older women, and are frequently discovered at a later stage in the development of the disease. Young women with breast cancer may experience issues associated with fertility, intimacy, child-rearing, finance and the workplace.

Our physicians, social workers and staff are committed to working with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs at this time of your life. We'll also provide psycho-social support and help you connect you with others in a similar situation.

The BreastCare Center has a track record of innovative care that is sensitive to personal needs. Our faculty was a leader in pioneering breast conservation (lumpectomy and partial mastectomy) at a time when mastectomy was the standard therapy. We are a significant center of clinical research in new breast cancer therapies, including innovative surgical techniques, immune-based treatments and targeted therapies. Our physician-researchers are widely known for their expertise in hereditary breast cancer, including the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 mutations, which disproportionally affect younger women.

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