BreastCare Center Specialists

Breast Surgery


Ted James, MD

Chief, Breast Surgical Oncology, and Co-Director, BreastCare Center

Mary Jane Houlihan, MD

Assistant Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Advanced Practice Providers

Kathleen Dionne 20170802_0009_80x100

Kathleen Dionne, NP

Kristin Fleischmann Rose 20170803_01_FINAL_80x100

Kristin Fleischmann-Rose, NP

Jennifer Ford 20170802_0018_80x100

Jennifer Ford, NP

Emily Howland 20170731_0012_80x100

Emily Howland, NP

Zinat Nassirzadeh 20170731_0023_80x100

Zinat J. Nassirzadeh, NP

Nurse Navigators

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a difficult and challenging experience. We want to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible. As a patient of the BreastCare Center, you will be paired with a nurse navigator who will help you coordinate your appointments, treatments and services. You’ll be able to contact your navigator directly if any questions arise.

Ellen Ohrenberger, RN, BSN

JoEllen Ross 20180221_0003_80x100

Jo Ellen Ross, RN

Patient Navigator

Our cancer patient navigator helps simplify the health care system for patients who speak little or no English. She is a compassionate guide who will accompany you and provide help and support from diagnosis through treatment. Patient navigators help coordinate physician appointments and treatment, while also handling related details, including transportation, interpreters, translation, and securing entitlements and community-based services.
Christina Ho Solo_80x100

Christina Ho

Patient Navigator

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncologists

Nadine Muskatel Tung, MD

Disease Group Leader and Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Steven E. Come, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Neelam V. Desai, MD

Instructor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Jaymin M. Patel, MD

Instructor, Oncology, Harvard Medical School

Lowell Schnipper, MD

Medical Oncology

Gerburg M. Wulf, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Advanced Practice Providers

Female Doc Silhouette

Michelle Ciszwiski, NP

Female Doc Silhouette

Rebecca Katz, NP

Female Doc Silhouette

Megan Lynch, NP

Male Doc Silhouette

Ryan Sullivan, NP

Radiation Oncology

Mary Ann Stevenson, MD, PhD

Chair and Chief,  Radiation Oncology

Abram Recht, MD

Radiation Oncology

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our experienced, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform various procedures for breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. BIDMC is also one of the few hospitals in the nation to offer two innovative surgical techniques for the management of lymphedema.


Bernard Lee, MD, MBA, MPH

Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Eugene Fukudome, MD

Plastic Surgery

Samuel J. Lin, MD, MBA

Associate Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Dhruv Singhal, MD

Plastic and Lymphatic Surgery

Adam M. Tobias, MD

Assistant Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Advanced Practice Providers

Female Doc Silhouette

Serena Skiffington, NP

Female Doc Silhouette

Elizabeth Tillotson, NP

Breast Imaging


Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH

Chief, Breast Imaging; Co-Director, BreastCare Center

Female Doc Silhouette

Janet K. Baum, MD

Associate Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Vandana Dialani, MD

Staff Radiologist, Breast Imaging, Director, Breast MRI, BIDMC, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Kevin J. Donohoe, MD

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Valerie Fein-Zachary, MD

Staff Radiologist, Breast Imaging, Co-Director, Breast Imaging Fellowship Program

E. Jane Karimova, MD

Breast Imaging

Gerald Kolodny, MD

Associate Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Parisa Lotfi, MD

Staff Radiologist, Breast Imaging, BIDMC, Instructor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Rashmi Mehta, MD

Rashmi J. Mehta, MD

Instructor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School

J. Anthony Parker, MD, PhD

Nuclear Medicine

Jordana Phillips, MD

Director of Breast Imaging Education in Radiology; Breast Imaging

Priscilla Slanetz, MD, MPH

Staff Radiologist, Breast Imaging, Associate Chief of Education, Director of Breast Imaging Research and Education, Director, Radiology Residency Program

Advanced Practice Providers

Nancy Littlehale

Nancy Littlehale


Radiology Technologists and Support Staff

Many of our highly trained technologists have worked in Breast Imaging at BIDMC for a long time and are well acquainted with our patients. We know some patients are more comfortable when seeing a familiar face for their breast screenings; we welcome (and make every effort to accommodate) requests for a specific technologist when scheduling your regular mammogram.

Breast Pathology

Laura C. Collins, MD

Director of Anatomic Pathology  

Gabrielle M. Baker, MD 

Instructor, Pathology, Harvard Medical School

James L. Connolly, MD

Breast and Endocrine Pathology

Liza M. Quintana, MD

Cytopathology; Director of Breast Pathology Fellowship

Oncology Social Work

Our oncology social workers specialize in caring for those with breast and other cancers. We offer counseling, support groups, educational programs, and services that can help with everything from financial and transportation concerns to talking to your children, coping with your emotions, and living with cancer. We seek to empower you and your family, and to reduce your stress through all phases of your cancer treatment.

Leora Lownethal, LICSW

Manager, Oncology Social Work

Female Doc Silhouette

Barbara Clivio, PhD, LICSW, OSW-C

Cancer Risk Genetics

Our genetic counselors provide you with information about your risk of inheriting cancer, the risks and benefits of genetic testing, how you can reduce the chance of developing related cancers in the future, and how you can increase the chance of early detection.

Medical Oncologist

Nadine Muskatel Tung, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Licensed Genetic Counselors

Kimberly DeLeonardis 20180328_12_80x100

Kim DeLeonardis, MS, CGC

Lauren Hogan 20190306_04_80x100

Lauren Hogan, MS, CGC 

Stacey Liberman_80x100

Stacey Liberman, MS, CGC

Jill Krejdovsky 20190306_08_80x100

Jill Krejdovsky, MS, CGC

Lindsey M Stobie 20170706_04_80x100

Lindsey Stobie, MS, CGC

Medical Oncology


Patients with cancer can have many different medical conditions that often result in muscle weakness, decreased endurance, and loss of balance and mobility. Our physical therapists can help you return to your highest level of independence. If you have had a mastectomy (surgical breast removal), we can help you regain your strength.
Kathleen Shillue, PT, DPT, OCS

Kathleen Shillue, PT, DPT, OCS

Clinical Director, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services