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Back Pain: Questions to Ask

Going to the doctor when you're not feeling your best can cause you to forget important points or questions that you wanted to ask. 

Bring a list of questions and to take notes during your doctor visit. These questions can help you cover all the important points with your doctor when you are suffering from back pain.

  • What's causing my back pain?
  • What is the significance of my back pain? Is it a sign of ongoing damage?
  • Are there any other symptoms I should be aware of that could indicate a more serious condition?
  • Are there activities I should temporarily or permanently avoid to ease back pain?
  • Could my work station be affecting my back pain?
  • How much bed rest should I get while I'm suffering back pain?
  • What treatment options should I consider for my back pain?
  • How long should I take medication or do special exercises for back pain?
  • Are there alternative therapies that I should consider?
  • What can I do to prevent back pain from persisting or returning?

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