A Leader in Brain Tumor Treatment

BIDMC Brain Tumor Center TeamThe Brain Tumor Center at BIDMC offers you diagnosis and leading-edge treatment options with a multidisciplinary approach that includes medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and a palliative care team.

Our core staff includes physicians with expertise in:

Extensive Expertise

Physicians are board certified in their areas of expertise, with appointments at Harvard Medical School—all indicators for the best quality outcomes. Our registered nurses and nurse practitioners have extensive neuro-oncology expertise.


In our multidisciplinary brain tumor conference and clinics, our team collaborates to discuss your particular tumor and the best treatment options for you. In our clinic you will see all your necessary specialists in one location, for convenience and ease.

Together we will help you learn about:

  • Your diagnosis, the tests you will have, and any necessary preparations
  • The procedure or operation you will need
  • Your recovery period, medications, returning home and much more

We can help you and your family manage your care, arrange appointments, and coordinate any additional resources you might need such as support groups that are available in the Boston area.