Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment for Headache 

Headache treatment at BIDMC of Boston

BIDMC Headache Center provides world-class diagnosis and treatment, research and clinical trials, and educational resources for various primary headache disorders including:

  • Chronic migraine
  • Cluster headache
  • Episodic Migraine
  • Migraine with or without aura
  • Post-traumatic headache
  • Tension-type headache
  • Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia
  • Other primary headaches

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to diagnose and treat your headache condition. Your headache specialist will discuss your symptoms with you and determine whether you are experiencing migraines or other types of headaches. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan to treat your condition and improve your quality of life.

Treatment options include:

  • Expert management of drug therapies for headache
  • Botulinum toxin injection therapies, trigger point injections and other types of nerve blocks, and recently FDA approved newer injectable medications for migraines
  • Yoga & Meditation techniques in collaboration with Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet
  • Interventional pain treatments by our pain specialists